Luke 8:27-29, Luke 4:18-19, Acts 16:22-23;25, Acts 16:26

Scripture Reference - Luke 8:27-29

Scripture Reference - Luke 4:18-19

  • Your biggest moment of breakthrough will come after a devastating setback

Scripture Reference - Acts 16:22-23;25

  • What is your prayer and praise breaking in the atmosphere?

Scripture Reference - Acts 16:26

Breakthrough Declaration

  • The Lord is my God! He is good and He fights my battles for me.
  • I take rest and have confidence in Him and His Word!
  • My praise shall still the work and schemes of the enemy. He will not triumph over me, my destiny, my family or my emotions.
  • God’s peace will quiet every storm raging in my life!
  • I am free because of the truth in God’s Word.
  • I have victory in Christ Jesus because the Greater One lives within me
  • I submit myself to God, I resist the enemy and command him to flee from me!
  • Today, I claim, take possession of, all that is mine according to your promises. I receive, now, every blessing you have declared is mine!

All spiritual blessings, boldness, clarity of mind, dominion over sickness and disease, favor, health and healing, influence in the community, joy, notable miracles, open doors, peace, victory, and wisdom...ARE MINE IN JESUS NAME! AMEN!