Minister Quentin & Sonya Snow

Cross Culture 365 Ministries

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Quentin & Sonya Snow met in January of 2000 through an introduction made by Sonya’s cousin. After a few days of conversing on the phone, they decided to meet in person and have lunch. Shortly after that lunch meeting, Que and Sonya decided to date exclusively. One year later, they became engaged and were married on August 23, 2003.

The Snows have shared the last 22 years of life together with 19 of those years being in marriage and they share one son, Preston, who is 17 years old. Over the years of their marriage, The Snows have adopted 4 fundamentals that they have the found helpful in their marriage:

  • Build a God focused foundation.

  • Actively listen to each other.

  • Create and maintain common goals.

  • Make time for each other.

Advice they would have for other couples:

  • Firstly, understand that life is fleeting but God works it all together for good.

  • Secondly, accept who your spouse is and is not. This will help you to see and stay grounded in your relationship’s strength while you work together to improve its weaknesses. 

  • Lastly, understand that being together is only as good as finding the glue that binds you.