Pastors Terry & Renee Gainer

Refreshing Worship Christian Church

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Terry and Renee have been married 23 years. They have moved into a new season of marriage now that their two children are adults and are no longer dependent on them. They are now learning again how to enjoy each other without the kids, to be each other’s friends, and how to take on new challenges together. Their life has changed while their life has remained the same. They appreciate the new life they continue building together.  

Terry and Renee feel it’s very important to appreciate each other’s strengths, show mutual respect, and be open to change. These things will not prevent issues from occurring but practicing these will equip couples for working through conflicts that will occur.

Terry and Renee both came into the marriage very independent and neither of them knew what it looked like to have a father living in the home. They were both effected in different ways without a father present in the home. For Terry, it caused him to decide that no woman would be able to tell him what he should or shouldn’t do. For Renee, she believed that men shouldn’t be trusted or depended on. Understanding that childhood trauma can affect you individually and as a couple, they would recommend couples address childhood traumas immediately to identify how their views on marriage have been affected.