Pastor MT & Lady Stephanie Brown

Restoration & Praise Christian Fellowship Center

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Melvin “MT” and Stephanie Brown have been married for 30 years and are blessed with two children, a daughter and son. They met each other during a fun night out on the town with their respective friends. He asked her to dance and the rest was history. 

Although they were initially attracted to each other based on the physical and the long talks that ensued afterwards, it has been their walk with the Lord that has blessed their marriage immensely. They married two years after meeting and had both given their lives to the Lord at that time. They agreed to make the Lord the foundation of their lives and their marriage and this has blessed them every since. 

They have learned a lot along the way and faced challenges as all couples have, but the greatest thing they cherish about their marriage is the committed faithfulness they have to each other. The early choice to prioritize each other has worked in their favor and enabled them to work as a team. As Pastor Brown notes, “Your marriage and love will change over the years and will go through various stages, especially when you’re raising children, but if you’re determined to make time for each other and grow through those stages you can have a blessed relationship through it all.”